The Project: Taking Family Support to a New Level

Many new parents search endlessly online for answers to important health-related questions, which can yield misguided advice. The Mother Baby Project bridges the gap between face-to-face and online support in a completely interactive interface.

Videos, tutorials, and live texting give parents the resources they need for the first year and beyond. A space is created where they can securely connect with peers, volunteer support and health professionals.

  • A digital wellness solution for healthcare professionals and parents.
  • Secure live messaging and video consultations.
  • Peer reviewed video content library for mobile use.
  • Interactive interface that bridges the gap between in-person consultations and online searches.

The Professionals

Build confidence and self-help in families with highly visual and up-to-date educational resources. Expand reach to parents using innovative tools. Deepen support by aligning professional development. 

  • A wellness focused approach with evidence-based science and best practice research.
  • A platform available anytime, anywhere that connects you with parents face-to-face or online 24/7.
  • Communication and support tools using messaging, video consultation and live video streaming so you can target specific parent needs.
  • Educational content that is video based with step-by-step guides easily customized to a family's needs.
  • A platform of content embedded with professional development opportunities and portfolio creation.
  • Enterprise level security- HIPPA compliant.

The Parents

As a parent you know your baby best. But at times you want information for tough parenting questions.

  • 24/7 connected support on the go.
  • Customized for every baby and family's unique needs.
  • Video based with interactive step-by-step guides for breastfeeding, newborns and beyond.
  • A secure link with health professionals.

The Partners

Build and grow trusted relationships with families while also building your reputation with health professionals.

  • Make a bigger difference in families' lives. Use evidence-based research and best practice advice to build trust.
  • Personalize your approach. Connect to people in ways that speak to their unique circumstances.
  • Make every investment and effort go further. Build your reputation with health professionals and parents.


The Possibility: Redefining Global Health

Reimagining Global Health

Research shows that support provided in real time, 24/7 makes a true difference for parents to feel confident and able to help themselves towards wellness. The Mother Baby Project merges the latest research for health and wellbeing with innovative technology to leverage the power of human connections for families everywhere.