The Mother Baby Project connects parents and health professionals through an interactive app with personalized advice to care for a baby. The app will improve  opportunities for healthy, thriving babies worldwide.

While 75% of American babies are initially breastfed, only 35% are being breastfed exclusively at 3 months.

Comparatively, 99% of babies in Norway are breastfed initially and 70% are breastfed exclusively at 3 months.

Of 36 developed countries listed, the USA ranks last.


- "State of the World's Mothers" by Save the Children


Presenting The Mother Baby App


Give people what they need to flourish


For new moms, learning how to best support their newborns isn’t always easy. For health practitioners, giving parents support 24/7 isn’t always possible. That’s why our health app is here to support practitioners and keep families healthy.  

Mother Baby is evidence-based, easy to use, and personalized.

We believe that the health of the whole community begins with each baby and their family's health.


We want to engage the community with this project


We are always looking for insights you might have to the problems we are facing. We also think working together is key to the project's success.

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